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MOAB Fardigkokt Julskinka appr
MOAB Fardigkokt Julskinka appr. 3kg* Special offer only Available for Deliveries before the 29th Nov
£29.95 £23.96
Felix Risgrot 500g 1
Felix Risgrot 500g
£1.65 £1.40
Crayfish Frozen 1000g (delivery only) 1
Crayfish Frozen 1000g (delivery only)
Konig Pinnekjott (frozen) 2kg 1
Konig Pinnekjott (frozen) 2kg
Mills Ekte Remulade 170g 1
Mills Ekte Remulade 170g
Crayfish Frozen 1000g (collection from shop only) 1
Crayfish Frozen 1000g
Norwegian Medisterpolse (frozen) 2kg 1
Norwegian Medisterpolse (frozen) 2kg
Graddfil 300ml 1
Graddfil 300ml
Norwegian Medisterkaker (frozen) 2kg 1
Norwegian Medisterkaker (frozen) 2kg
Juledamer 875g 1
Juledamer 875g
Skarhamns Lutfisk, (priced per KG) 1
Skarhamns Lutfisk, (priced per KG)
Danish Medisterpolse (frozen) priced per KG (PICK UP FROM STORE ONLY) 1
Danish Medisterpolse (frozen) 2.5Kg
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