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Time Out - Scandinavian Kitchen


Once upon a time in 2006, an innocent (LINK) Dane and a Swede were pacing the streets of London, trying to find real Scandinavian food from home. They didn’t find it, so they decided to open Scandinavian Kitchen. The end.

Jonas and Bronte found a great team to help them, imported all the foods they missed from home and decided to teach the people of London that open sandwiches are a fantastic option for a super tasty and healthier lunch. Our fantastic team of people from all over Scandinavia, England and even New Zealand are helping us out in our quest to take over the world, one open sandwich at the time.  
We’re the only Scandinavian place in the UK that combines eating and food shopping. We're all about bringing the best of Nordic food to you: whether you want to sit in and savour the experience or pick something up to take back to the office. If you don’t fancy a trip to our London shop and cafe, we also deliver our groceries all over the UK. In fact, you can sit and order your herring from the comfort of your own sofa, wearing only your pants – if that’s the way you roll, we don’t judge.


Back in the distant days of 2006, an Innocent Dane was pacing the streets of London with an equally innocent Swede. Their mission: to find authentic Scandinavian food in the UK.

Did they succeed? No, they didn't. Which is why they decided to open ScandiKitchen.

Bronte (the Dane) and Jonas (the Swede) imported all the foods and treats they missed from home, found a great team of people, and opened their doors just off Oxford Street to teach the citizens of London that open sandwiches are a super-tasty and healthy way to lunch.

ScandiKitchen is the only business in the UK that offers freshly made food and groceries from Scandinavia. We're all about bringing the best of Nordic cuisine to you - whether you've got time to join us in the café or need to get back to your desk.

If you can't make it to our London café-shop, take a tour of our online store. You don't need to be clothed to buy our herring, you know.

ScandiKitchen also offers wholesale services for businesses selling Scandinavian brands in the UK. Contact us for further details.



Scandinavian Kitchen
Scandinavian Kitchen


Our Food

We serve open sandwiches, salads and other amazing things based on the Nordic staple cuisines: grains, fish, cured meats.

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