The Perfect Cure for Homesickness

When you live far away from home, feeling homesick is pretty normal. Calling a friend or a family member helps – and so does snuggling up with some good friends and your favourite foods.


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Hjemlengsel, Hjemve, Hemlängtan – Homesick Scandis

Homesickness can be hard. When you’re all alone in a scary foreign country, where no one shares your love of liquorice, cross country skiing or sleek furniture design. That’s when you need some home-loving. The best thing is a hug – but a good number two is one of these.

Show us a Scandi who won’t smile when they receive a box filled with Freia, Ahlgrens, Solo, Anthon Berg or Cheez Doodles. No? We thought so. A thoughtful gift guaranteed to evoke warm and fuzzy feelings with the recipient.

So for any homesick Scandi in your life, or maybe that’s yourself, here you go. Our homesick bundles.

Scandi Homesick Bundles – The Ultimate Care Packages


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