‘Monthly Art/Photo Space’ at ScandiKitchen: Artists wanted.

We’ve got a few empty walls where we like to ask artists and photographers to display their work. We usually change artworks every month or so.

This is a last call to be in with a chance to be February/March artist.

Send a few examples of your work to iloveherring@scandikitchen.co.uk and we’ll chose the artist or photographer we feel is best for the space.

The few simple ground rules are:

– The art work comes to us frame and ready to hang, ideally no larger than 40 x 80cm. We can accommodate up to 4 paintings or frames.

– The work MUST be either by a Scandi artist or photographer OR someone depicting Scandinavia in some form.

– The write up about the artist has to be no larger than A5 – we can add this on the wall next to the frames

– We will not sell or be responsible for any sales of the art work – all comms about the art work will need to be on the A5 note including contact details

– When the art months is up, the artist is responsible to picking up the art work again.

– We accept no responsibility for damage etc to any works – we will do out best to keep things nice, but the items are hung here on owners responsibility.

– No moving of nails or hooks – we have only what we have here and can’t start moving nails around

– Please, no frames that are massively heavy, it is just a basic wall.

Other than that, it is up to you.

Ps – please dont send massive images by email. Small example versions of your work is good.


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