Happy Midsummer

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Happy Midsummer - Glad Midsommar!

It’s nearly time to bring out the flower garlands and dance around the Midsummer pole. Time for Matjes herring, new potatoes and mountains of beautiful strawberries.

Shop online for home delivery or pop by our Cafe Deli in Central London (just five minutes walk from Oxford Circus) and say Hej and grab a cup of strong filter coffee and a ‘bulle’ before stocking up on goodies.

Midsummer Essentials

    Estrella Ranch Dipmix – Tomato, Onion & Garlic Dip Mix 24g
    Scandi Salmon Selection with Dill & Mustard Sauce
    Norrmejerier Vasterbottensost – Gourmet Piece 165g
    Rated 5.00 out of 5
    Ramlosa Original – Sparkling Water 500ml – Case of 24
    Korshags Gravlax – Cured Salmon Whole Side c.1.5kg (Buy To Order)
    Korshags Kallrökt Lax – Smoked Salmon Whole Side min. 1kg (Buy To Order)
    Pågen Kanelgifflar – Mini Cinnamon Buns 260g
    Arla Gräddfil – Sour Cream 300ml
    Leksands Normalgraddat – Rye Crispbread 830g
    Leksands Brungraddat – Brown Baked Crispbread 830g


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