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Hej friends

What do we do now?  No more Borgen on TV, still months till the Eurovision final.  Ah well, we are planning to watch the
award winning DNB commercial on repeat and dream of days when the box was full of Scandi-noir dramas.  Come back, Wallander, all is forgiven. 

Well, actually, you don’t have to wait that long, after all:  BBC is going to start showing the Danish/Swedish drama The Bridge soon, so cancel all your Saturday nights out and stay at home, eat herring and marvel at The Bridge, a 10-part Danish/Swedish co-production where the initial murder victim is discovered bang in the middle of the road link between the two countries. 

Are Danes that easy to annoy?

Some of us are Danes and we know this is true.  We see it because we’re Danish ex-pats, looking back to our country through a window tinted with British-ness.  It isn’t always pretty, but it is usually quite funny.

How to annoy the Danes 

Prefer annoying the Swedes?  Then this is your link

Nobody’s worked out how to annoy the Norwegians yet.

Liqourice:  The Scandinavian black stuff

We love it.  The stronger, the saltier, the better.  We feed it to our kids, too.  The rest of the world looks on as we chew our way through the saltiest liqourice on the planet. 

Most of all, we love feeling salty liqourice to unsuspecting non-Scandies.  That is the most fun of all.

This week, the world’s first Liqourice Festival takes place in Copenhagen.  Imagine a whole weekend, totally liqourice flavoured?  Heaven.

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This and that

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The Kitchen People


you can find these rules on our blog. They never change: no, Victor you work here and you cannot enter.  The winner will be chosen at random in a fantastic event that will probably feature Bronte in a sequinned dress and someone wearing a high hat. There will only be one winner and no, you cannot swap your prize for a tin of beans/hard cash/a trip to the Maldives.  No cash value.  







21st February is Fat Tuesday – the day for making Semlor.

Make your own at home with our recipe  – and get hold of ingredients right here, including ground cardamom, fresh yeast, almond paste and Swedish flour 

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Those Danes are crazy for flavoured cheeses.  Add prawns?  Oh yes.  Add mushrooms?  Yeps.  Add ham?  Yeps. 

This week, save 45p on each pack of BUKO creamy cheeses – now only £2.50 each 

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To celebrate liqourice (because we can), we’re giving away a lucky newsletter reader a big liqourice selection box featuring some of our best stuff. 

To be in with a chance to win, answer the following question:

What is the chemical name for the flavour in “Salmiakki” liquorice?

a)    Ammonium chloride

b)    Sodium chloride

c)     Salmiakki chloride 

Answer to by Friday evening, please.  Usual rules apply*

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This message was intended for '%%emailaddress%%'.  Dear John.  The fact that you’re reading the small print means you’re doubting our relationship.  Are you going to leave me?  Take away the biggest part of me?  It’s okay.  We release you.  All you need to do is click this link and your life will be your own again.  Before you go, though, you owe it to yourself to enjoy a bit of Engelbert Humperdink  because, aside from Lionel, he understand the pain of a break up.  We heart Engelbert so much we’re planning to name a cake after him.