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Hejsan friends

This week we’ve been passing time by translating Scandinavian words literally.  Why?  Well, why not.

Jordgubb is Swedish for Strawberry.  Translating it literally, it means Earth Geezer. 

Snabel-A means the @ in both Danish and Swedish.  Literally, its [Elephant] Trunk-A.  In Norwegian, the same is A-Doodle (alfakrøll).  Or how about Green Things?  Grönsaker, which is vegetables. 

Got any good ones?  Let us know and win free coffees or maybe even lunch.  Or who knows?  Maybe a punnet of fresh Earth Geezers.  Mail

A lesson in things called Kalle

In Sweden, if your name is Karl, then you have the nick name Kalle.   The Swedish King Karl Gustav is a Kalle.  King Kalle sounds less pompous, doesn’t it?  Kalle Marx might have worked better too.

In Sweden, Kalles Kaviar is a staple on the breakfast table.  99% of Swedes eat Kalles (probably).  It is creamed coe roe that comes in a tube – and you squeeze a dollop or two on to your open sandwich in the morning – or on your boiled egg. 

In Norway, the equivalent is called Mills Kaviar and is equally delicious.  If you have not yet tried cod roe paste as a sandwich topping, well, you should.  It's very nice.  

Reasons we love Scandinavia #293

Saturday nights on TV are once again dominated by a Scandinavian crime drama:  The Bridge (Broen/Bron) in which a body if sound half way on the bridge to Sweden, halfway on the Danish side.  Who’s responsible?  Are there patterned jumpers involved? (No).  Do we have a lead character with sociopath tendencies (Yes).  Is there a lack of light bulbs in Copenhagen still? (Yes).  Well worth a watch – The Bridge ensures the Scandi Crime obsession lasts a while yet.  BBC4 Saturday nights at 9 pm.

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Three Norwegian things (25 days to go till Norwegian National Day)

Feeling inspired by the amazing achievements of people in today’s London marathon?  How about heading to Norway to take part in the Midnight Marathon in June – it’s light all night Click here

Some clever Norwegians remade the trailer for the titanic movie and it became a worldwide hit
Click here

Norwegian authorities refuse to believe Swedish, bearded father of two is actually a man and demands proof
Click here

Have a wonderful week and we hope to see you soon.

Bye for now

The Kitchen People

Still a bit bored?
Click here to read about how easy it is to bribe Swedish police with salads
Feeling passive-agressive?  This is your stop
IKEA could learn a thing or two here






Ah, Kalle is on special.  Kall all the Swedes, they are going to want to hear this:  3 Kalles Kaviar this week are just £9 on the Scandi Kitchen Web-shop. 

Quick, no time to waste, go to the online shop 

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There are many famous Kalles in this world, but none more so than Kalle from Kalle’s Kaviar.  Still, this week, we are nominating the Kalle of the Week to be Kalle Anka aka Donald Duck.

Kalle Anka is called Anders in Denmark, Donald in Norway and Aku in Finland



Danish delivery is available online now – and will be in store from first thing Wednesday morning.  This means leverpostej and koldskaal galore. 

This week, we will also start stocking SKYR again – the special Icelandic style yoghurt – but we will have very limited supply. 
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