Denmark, 400 km south of Perth, Australia. Bring odd socks.

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odd socks

We like finding little places around the world that bear links back to Scandinavia, even if it is just a name.

Just like Denmark in Western Australia – a wonderful little place (we say “little” but we mean most likely it’s a place where most people have a garden the size of Jutland) where temperatures are much nicer all year round than they are in the actual country of Denmark. It has amazing beaches. And budgies.

Judging from these pictures, it sure looks rather stunning too – and they won the prize for the best Aussie Pie in 2009. Whatever an Aussie pie is.

Denmark is just a 45 minute drive from the town of Albany – a town worth noting as it has a sock fence. Sock fences are a very good thing because it provides a place for people to keep track of their odd socks. By our last account, if we all have 7 odd socks each, this would mean that there are about 48 billion odd socks in this world. Albany has the space for them all, so bring your odds along when you go there.


The green pools of Denmark, Australia.

Denmark 4


If you want more info about Denmark, Australia, click here LINK Oh, and if you happen to be flying into Perth anyway, stop for a coffee at this place called Mooba LINK!/album.php?aid=74231&id=72731634150 and tell them we said hi. Their baker, Hannah, is rather amazing and a lovely person too.

3 thoughts on “Denmark, 400 km south of Perth, Australia. Bring odd socks.

  • Kevin

    Dear lovely Scandinavian Kitchen people,
    There is indeed a place called Denmark in Australia. It has some deserted beaches nearby and it was on one of these that I got down on one knee to propose to my long-term girlfriend in 2006. I’d hidden the engagement ring I bought in Hatton Garden so she wouldn’t find it in our suitcase, and thought that the halfway point in our three-week holiday would be a great time to pop the question.
    There are three things a woman can do when you propose. One is to say “yes”. One is to say “no”. And the third is to be so gobsmacked and confused that you say nothing, wait for a bit, and then ask for several months to think about it.
    I got the third one.
    The rest of the holiday wasn’t great and we split up the following year.
    Fortunately I’ve since spent time in the real Denmark, with fjords and castles, and so I don’t think badly of Denmark any more :-)

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