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Scandinavians make great hotdogs - this week, 2-for-1


Need a song to sing to help you get that aquavit down?

Stuff we just have to do. Read it here.

Want to find out what Midsummer is like? Read extract from Nørth here.

Swedish midsummer frog dance

The words to the song where you dance like a frog.

WIN Season 1-4 of The Bridge on DVD

We're moving a lot of our daily stories to instagram

What's the real difference between Denmark and Sweden?

Oh yes - Eurovision bingo is back - make sure to get yours.

Add some colour to your vocabulary with these Scandi insults

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Fun stuff

We do like to share amusing stuff from time to time. Join in. From Scandinavian news, useful words and phrases, to pointless facts and random tid-bits.  If it makes us smile, laugh or react in other way we might share it here.

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